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What's a toner? Why do I need one?


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What's a toner? Why do I need one?

What is a toner? And why do I need one?

We come across this question a lot in the salon, as sometimes it can feel like your paying extra for something that you don't see.

A toner is the difference between brassy tiger stripes and beautifully blended highlights, find out more here….


What is a toner?

A toner is a type of colour that’s applied to neutralise brassy/yellow tones after lightening. We need to see the colour that we'll be neutralising first, so that's why you'll find us running off into the back room to mix your toner after rinsing off your foils! A toner can be applied on towel dried hair or dry hair.


Why do I need one?

Whenever a lightener or bleach is applied it starts to lift out natural or artificial colour, but at the same time brings out any underlying warmth. Everyone has some degree of natural warmth in their hair, but as a quick rule of thumb, people with amber flecks around their pupils have more warmth than a person with flat brown/blue eyes. Dark artificial dyes contain extra warmth, which is why going from box colour black to blonde is impossible in one sitting!

Is a toner bad for my hair?

A toner is another chemical treatment yes, but the toners we use are full of ceramides (which smooth the cuticle and makes your hair look silky and shiny). Our toners do not contain any ammonia, as we aren't lightening the hair, just depositing colour. Your hair will actually feel healthier after a toner compared to just a lightening service. If you decided to opt for our VIP Bond Ultim8 colour upgrade, the treatment will be added to your toner too, meaning you get double VIP treatment!

This was a Tulip Transformation just using treatments for condition, and a toner!


Is there one toner for everyone?

No! We have a dispensary of over 25 different toners, all of which are intermixable to specifically neutralise the underlying warmth and give you a personalised colour suited to your skin tone. Whether it be platinum, ashy, pearl, dusky pink, caramel or honey blonde, there's a toner for everyone.


How long does a toner last?

A toner can last from 2-6 weeks, dependant on the colour and the integrity of the hair. The more porous or damaged the hair, the quicker the toner will fade, although having a colour lock treatment will help. The lighter and cooler the toner, the quicker it will fade, so those platinum white blondes and steely greys turn out to be high maintenance and may need toning every couples of weeks. During your consultation we will discuss these issues with you, so no nasty surprises!

How do I prolong my toner?

The best way to prolong your toner is to not wash your hair so often! Once your hair has been lightened, it's in a fragile state, so by washing everyday not only is going to fade your colour quicker, it's also going to dry out your hair and remove all of your natural oils. Another great tip is to use a toning shampoo and conditioner. We stock a variety of different strength toning shampoos, conditioners and masks and we can prescribe the perfect one for you.

Biolage RAW is here!

Biolage RAW 
stands for 


Up to 97% natural origin, 99% biodegradable and no nasty silicones, parabens or sulphates! Amazing hair at the same time as saving the planet.

We are so happy to be one of the selected salons in Stourbridge to be able to offer it to our customers and we are pledging to #liveRAW Watch this space for more details. 

Now, lets have a closer look at Biolage RAW! There are 3 different ranges for 3 different hair concerns- dry hair, stressed & damaged hair, and fine limp hair.

We are now stocking all the RAW products in our salon in Stourbridge. Ask one of our fabulous hairdressers to use it on you! They smell incredible, and with a 100% customer satifaction record you're sure to fall in love with them as much as we have!

Bond Ultim8

What Is Matrix Bond Ultim8?
Bond Ultim8 from Matrix is a complete bond protecting system, used during a colour or lightening service in salon. The product protects bonds in the hair to keep it looking and feeling healthier and more nourished for longer whilst preventing hair breakage and maintaining the hair colour, helping against colour fade.

How does it help me?
Your hair is made up of many bonds. These are broken everyday by brushing, drying, straightening and colouring your hair. Bond Ultim8 helps protect and repair these bonds, meaning stronger, healthier and shiny hair. You won't believe the difference!

Matrix Bond Ultim8 works in 3 simple steps:
  1. The Amplifier – This liquid additive treatment works by preserving weak bonds in the hair and preventing breakage during hair colouring or lightening.
  2. The Sealer – This conditioning sealant is applied after the colour has been rinsed and works by protecting and maintaining the bonds.
  3. The Weekly Sealing Treatment – This "at home" treatment is used once a week to ensure your hair stays nourished following the in-salon Bond Ultim8 service, until your next visit.

How much is it?
Having beautiful looking hair doesn't have to come with a massive price tag, at Tulip Hair we charge £7.50 to upgrade your colour to a VIP bond treatment. We also have the Step 3 Weekly Seal Treatment available for purchase in salon.

Test Driving The New Dyson Hairdryer!

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
(RRP £300)

I've been waiting for months and I've finally got to test the new Dyson hairdryer!
I'm one of those people who love gadgets (I am already a proud owner of 2 Dyson vacuums and a Dyson room fan) if anything can make my life easier I'm all for it! 

I tested the Dyson against our salon ghd Air dryer (RRP £99).

First Impressions

The Dyson hairdryer was really nicely packed (reminded me of Apple packaging!) and came with 2 nozzles, a diffuser and a heat mat. The guarantee is 2 years.
The ghd air comes gift boxed with 2 nozzles and a 1 year guarantee.


The Dyson felt really light in my hand, almost too light, but I soon got used to it. It is so quiet, it almost tricks you into thinking it's not as powerful as the others, but it is! The nozzles are magnetic and stay cool, so no burnt finger when you take them off! The small barrel means as a hairdresser you can't loop the hair as you're drying, which would be a downside for some. But a good point is that it's impossible for hair to be sucked up into filter- no more burning hair smell!

The Result

The side that was blowdried with the Dyson definitely dried quicker, and I couldn't really tell the difference between the two sides, possibly the ghd air side was slightly smoother.

The Verdict

I love the ingenuity of the Dyson. Everything down to the plug has been thought about and meticulously designed. The quiet motor meant me and my client could have a conversation with having to shout or turn the dryer off.
The size and weight is a massive plus, for hairdressers as well as customers and it's perfect for taking away on holiday.

I would love to say that my ghd Airs have got to find a new home, and that the salon will be a "Dyson" salon, but for now the pricing is just too high. Yes it is lighter, quieter and quicker (only just!) but does that warrant an extra £200? I'm undecided..... What do you think?

How to wash your hair the Tulip Hair way!!

Does your hair go limp & flat? Do you have to wash your hair everyday?

Try the Tulip way to wash your hair for a couple of weeks and see the difference it makes!

1. Brush your hair before you jump in the shower (this stimulates the scalp and removes loose hairs).

2. Wet your hair and rub a 20p sized blob of shampoo between your fingers. Apply to your scalp (not your hair!) and massage using circular motions. Rinse.

3. Repeat step 2. (This is the most important step!) This second wash lifts and removes oils from the hair and scalp and leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean.

4. Next apply a 10p sized amount of conditioner through the ends (any hair below your ears) and comb through with a Tangle Teezer to detangle. Rinse well.

5. Squeeze the excess water from your hair and wrap or pat dry with a towel (microfibre is the best!) Any ruffling will cause the cuticle to raise and make your hair frizzy!

6. Have fabulous hair!

Let us know your success stories

th x

ghd Breakthrough Breast Cancer straighteners

Gorgeous new Pink Diamond ghds!
Ghd have been supporting breast cancer charities for the last 10 years, with an impressive pink styler brought out every August with £20 from each styler going direct to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
This year is no different, as part of the Jewel Collection the Pink Diamond set includes a ghd paddle brush.
Check out the 2013 Pink ghds.....
As part of the 2013 Jewel Collection you can save £20 on these stylers by bringing in any old hair electrical!

ghd Eclipse Launch Party

ghd Eclipse Launch Party
Tulip Hair was thrilled to be personally invited to the ghd Eclipse launch in Birmingham this week.  We had a great night watching fab stylists taking to the stage to show off exactly what the new styler could do.
As shown in some of the pictures above the new Eclipse stylers can tackle even the toughest afro hair.  This is due to the revolutionary new technology:
We were lucky enough to get an Eclipse styler in our goodie bag after the event so pop into Tulip Hair to get yours hands on a pair and see the difference.  We promise you'll love them, we are hooked already!
th x

New ghd Eclipse

New ghd Eclipse
The new innovation in hair straightening has arrived!
ghd Eclipse!
It's been 12 years since the launch of the very first Good Hair Day ('ghd' for short) straightening irons.  The company didn't advertise their product for the first two years after they were released, instead used the performance in salons to create a buzz and word of mouth quickly spread that these were the best straighteners out!
Although the slightly pricey £120 price tag (this was 12 years ago!) shocked a lot of people, once you tried your friends/sisters/hairdressers ghds you were hooked!
I, having started in the hairdressing industry 10 years ago, began to witness the most extraordinary scenes in December.  Men coming into salons that they would not even step into normally, gasping:
"Do you sell those straighteners? HDDs? HGDs? Those ones that are £120? My wife is desperate for them, thats all she wants for Christmas!"
We were constantly sold out, as soon as we had a delivery, they were gone.
Fast forward back to the present and every woman on the planet has heard of ghd. 99% of customers that walk through my salon door own a pair, some even two (different colours of course!) I have mothers coming into the salon that tell me their daughters are moving away to university and they are gutted...... Because they are taking their ghds!
So why am I telling you all of this?
Because ghd have done something even more extraordinary, they have completely redesigned their styler and its the most futuristic yet!
Here's a little tease....
ghd Eclipse
...... but check back for more info soon!
th x

Summers here!!

Summer is finally here!
The sun has got his hat on, and that means only one thing... new Label.m haircare offers!
Giles Deacon has teamed up with Label.m for a third time and we think this latest offering is his best! This years exclusive collaboration is a swan print, taken directly from Giles' catwalk show at London Fashion Week......
Giles Deacon Label.m swan bags are inspired by his new catwalk collectionGiles Deacon Label.m swan bags are inspired by his new catwalk collection
To get your hands on either the gorgeous make up bag or tote bag all you have to do is buy 2 Label.m products from the salon in Stourbridge. With so many amazing products to choose from, it won't be hard!
Airliner Mini's are back!
Label.m Mini products
We know you've missed them! Pick 4 mini's for £12 and get a free plastic travel case. Perfect for hand luggage and just the right amount.
See you soon,
th xx

Brand new basins!

Meet our new basins!
Our massaging basins. The most comfy basins ever! Lie back, relax and have a full body massage whilst you have your hair washed!
The dust has settled,
The builders have fled,
So come try our new basins whilst we massage your head!
Meet our all singing, all dancing massaging basins! Take a seat and not only will you have your hair cleansed and conditioned with gorgeous label.m products but you can enjoy a relaxing full body massage.
Be truly pampered and have one of our
Lab Remedy label.m treatments!
Label.m Lab Remedy treatments are now available at Tulip Hairlabel.m have just launched Lab Remedy - its FIRST range of bespoke, in-salon professional intensive treatments formulated with exclusive Tri-Keravitaplex Complex, a blend of three vegan proteins and Vitamin E, to help protect, nourish and repair hair and scalp.
There are three treatments available in the range:
Lab Remedy for Coloured Hair: ideal for colour-treated hair, this treatment is applied straight after colouring or as a colour maintenance to help lock in colour and repair the hair.
Lab Remedy for Dry/Damaged Hair: ideal for those having had a highlighting service or damaged hair, this treatment helps to repair dried ends and restore moisture.
Lab Remedy for Dry and Itchy Scalps: ideal for those with scalp complaints, helps to soothe and relieve inflammation.
Try one of our new treatments and enjoy a full body massage at the same time. 
Plus you get to take some treatment to try at home!
th xx

Mmmm New Sweet Treats!

Introducing new Candy Fixations!
Tigi Candy Fixations available from Tulip Hair, Stourbridge.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with zero calories!
Tigi have always been known for their gorgeous smelling Bed Head products but now its been taken one step further. All of the new Candy Fixation products are centred around the intoxicating world of confectionary with smells of marshmallow, lemon meringue and candy floss. This range helps create this years most wanted look- VOLUME!
Sugar Dust: Volumising texture dust
Sprinkle into dry hair for instant root lift and hold. Also good for a matte look and oil absorption
Glaze Haze: Sweet smelling serum
Smoothes cuticle and adds shine, fights humidity and speeds up drying!
Totally Baked: Volumizing hair meringue (my personal favourite!)
Great for big hold and volume. Preps hair to keep volume all day
Sugar Shock: Bodifying sugar spray
Great for scrunching and gives a great tousled look
Mega Whip: Matte hair texturiser
Defines layers with a non greasy matte hold. Nice to work through waves and curls
Come and give them a go, we can't guarantee you won't leave without them!
*Currently on offer throughout April/May, get your candy fix!*
th xx

Product of the Month!! November 2011

Product of the Month goes to....
ghd Air hairdryer. Available from Tulip Hair, Hairdressers in Stourbridge.
ghd Air Hairdryer
The salon finish that will blow you away!
Introducing the new ghd Air! The professional salon quality hairdryer from ghd. ghd have created a stylish yet powerful hairdryer that reduces drying time and is easy to operate.
2100 watts (for speedy drying!)
2 Speed Settings
2 Heat Settings
Cool Shot Button
2 Nozzles
3 Metre Cable
12 Month Guarantee
The ghd Air Hairdryer also has a 1500hr motor life.  This means if you were to use your dryer for 15 minutes everyday of the year it would last you 16 and a half years!
Definitely going to be the must have product for 2012.
Now in stock in the salon in Stourbridge.
th xx

Product of the Month!! October 2011

Product of the Month goes to....  
We stock ghd Scarlet Deluxe Collection in our salon in Stourbridge.
Containing straighteners, hairdryer, bag and clips.
ghd Scarlet Deluxe Collection Set!
Limited Edition Giftbox.
  • ghd classic styler with red plates
  • Limited edition red travel hairdryer
  • Protective plate guard
  • Red 20's style clutch bag
  • Two ghd sectioning clips
  • Red vanity case giftbox
  • £149
ghd have took the two most popular trends from autumn/winter collections this year (1920s glamour and red) and come up with the gorgeous Scarlet Collection!
The stylers come with a two year guarantee and the 20s bag can be used as a handbag or a straightener pouch as all the inside is completely heat proof!
Also from ghd are the Scarlet standard collection. This gift pack contain a smaller roll bag as well as the styler and sectioning clips. £129
We are ghd stockist in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Scarlet Collection
These limited edition sets will be a perfect present for Christmas, or even just to treat yourself! They wont be around for long though, so grab them from Tulip Hair in Stourbridge now!
th xx 

Product of the Month!! July 2011

Product of the Month goes to....  
Tulip Hair, the only salon in Stourbridge to stock Label m.
Label m Resurrection Dust!
Back comb in a bottle.  
  • Creates volume and magically expands in front of your eyes.
  • Good for all hair types, especially fine, limp hair that needs a boost.
  • Can be 'resurrected' and restyled throughout the day.
  This is a top selling product at Tulip Hair because it is MAGIC! It is like nothing you have ever seen before. By sprinkling a few shakes of the ultra fine powder at the roots it transforms flat, fine hair to volumised, thick hair.  I can't describe in words how great it is, so free feel to pop in and see the miracle! 
The Resurrection Dust comes in two sizes 3g (great to try and for travel) and 7g (great value for money). So give it a try, you'll be amazed!
th xx 

New Label M Haircare

Introducing Label M haircare products to Tulip Hair!!
We are so excited to be the only hairdresser in Stourbridge to be stocking Label M, the official haircare brand of London Fashion Week!!
New Label M products, at Tulip Hair, the only salon in Stourbridge to stock them!
Label M products are split into the "4 Cs" Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete.  This makes it easy to choose the best products for your hair and create the perfect look step by step.
Our favourite products so far are Honey and Oat Conditioner (smells delicious and a flu shot for damaged hair), Relaxing Balm (tames frizz and contains heat and UV protection) and Matt Paste (a great reworkable product with a matte finish).
All Label M products contain natural ingredients that are harvested when at their very best for your hair.  All the products are created, designed and tested by hairdressers to make them perfect for you.
So next time your in Tulip Hair look out for all the new Label M stock!!
th xx

Product of the Month, March 2011!!

Product of the Month goes to....  
Funky Gunk
Tigi Bed Head Manipulator.
  • Perfect for twisting, spiking or general messiness!
  • Use on wet or dry hair
  • Gorgeous coconut smell (think Malibu or suntan lotion!!)
This is our favourite finishing product at Tulip Hair because it is soooo versatile.  We use it on short hair to spike and long hair to define layers and give it that choppy look.  Without doubt our top selling product for men. There's nothing out there the same: non greasy, re-workable and easy to wash out.   
th xx

Product of the Month!! Febuary 2011.

Product of the Month goes to....
Moroccanoil is perfect for smoothing frizzy hair and reduces blowdrying time by upto 40%. Definately a hairdresser favourite!
Moroccanoil!Treatment Oil
  • Softens- Restores shine and softness to dull unmanageable hair.
  • UV + Heat Protection- Protects from colour fade and heat from straighteners.
  • Non greasy- Nourishes the hair and scalp without being oily or greasy.
This product is a firm favourite at Tulip Hair because it transforms frizzy, coarse hair to soft, shiny silk. Moroccanoil adds shine and stops frizz and also reduces drying time by up to 40%.
By massaging a couple of drops into your hair and scalp your hair will look shinier and healthier after just one use. With continuous use Moroccanoil will reduce split ends and stop brittleness and breakage.
Moroccanoil comes in 100ml bottles which will last well over 6 months and trial size bottles that are 25ml.  Moroccanoil Light is a new product which is lighter than the original, perfect for fine hair.
th xx

Product of the Month!! January 2011

Product of the Month goes to....
Small Talk by Bed Head.
Tulip Hair salon's favourite hair product. Hairdressers secret weapon!!Small Talk!
3 in 1 Volumising Product
  • Thickifier- Adds body and volume
  • Energizer- Gives life to limp hair
  • Stylizer- Defines, separates and controls
We love this product at Tulip Hair because it adds shine and stops frizz.  It also contains heat protector to defend against your drier and GHDs!!
It offers light to medium hold without being sticky and stiff like mousse.
Definitely our favourite product! Can be used on everyone!
th xx